Why Far Infrared Saunas Are Superior To Traditional Saunas

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The 21st century is defined by its advancements in almost all industries ranging from online gadgets to gym equipment.

One of the most popular advancements is that of the infrared sauna.

Traditional saunaUnlike a traditional sauna, FIR saunas utilize carbon fiber heat panels in order to regulate the temperature within the room.

Traditional saunas usually operate using water and coals or wood.

The traditional sauna is effective, but the infrared option is far more superior. This article will provide information as to why infrared is better than traditional.

5 Reasons You Should Consider The Far Infrared Sauna Over The Finnish Sauna

1. Ventilation

One factor that often led to people avoiding saunas is that there was no ventilation within the room. This was a strong feature of traditional saunas in that ventilation can reduce the detoxification process; however, there were small air holes to ensure that the users did not faint from dehydration or overheating.

Infrared heat panels do not require ventilation at all as there are no coals or wood which can cause overheating. In fact, the infrared heating panels can be adjusted to the individual’s desired temperature, which leads to far more relaxation and comfort when utilizing them.

2. Effective Body Heating

One major difference between the traditional sauna and the new far infrared saunas is the type of heat they offer an individual.

While both provide temperatures to increase perspiration and remove toxins from the body, it is only the infrared sauna that heats the body from its core.

Traditional saunas did not do this and heated an individual from their external organs exclusively. Yes, both of these methods are advantageous to the user; however, heating the body from its core offers you many more health benefits.

3. Stress And Pain Relief

While the infrared sauna does assist with weight loss, regulation of blood pressure, increased stress relief, and removal of chemicals from the body, they are still just as effective as a traditional sauna for pain relief. It is true that the heating from the core can loosen tension within muscles and joints, and definitely ease arthritis pain.

Check out my other infrared sauna reviews post for more information.

Here are some more benefits that are rarely discussed from the author Glen Porter:

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Contrary to popular belief that states all saunas present with the same cost, infrared saunas are actually less expensive in the long run. The first cost-effective factor is that they can regulate temperature within the room, which will determine how much electricity is being utilized.

A lower temperature will utilize less electricity and save some money. Furthermore, infrared saunas heat up more quickly than traditional saunas. This also reduces the amount of energy used to reach the perfect sauna temperature.

5. Portability

The fact that water is not utilized in infrared saunas provides various benefits, including portability. They are also easy to install and can be utilized in various environments, including a residential property. It should also be noted that the infrared heating panels are less likely to have bacterial infestations as there is no moist area.

How easy are they to install? Watch this great assembly Youtube.com video:

Final Words On The Matter

Deciding between traditional saunas and infrared saunas can be a challenging matter. By using the information above you can make an informed decision on which is best for your needs.

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Infrared Sauna Reviews: How To Choose The Best Infrared Sauna Kit

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The Infrared sauna is quickly becoming a popular alternative to the traditional sauna since it offers many more important advantages.

Currently, companies manufacture infrared saunas and, at times, it can be hard to choose the best one.

If you are thinking of buying an infrared sauna then you read many infrared sauna reviews online to help you make the right choice.

But here’s a quick guide to get you started…

Each infrared sauna review will provide you with information on some of the top infrared sauna kits in the market. Most of them are made in Canada, US, or Japan. In fact, Japan is where they originated.

Infrared saunas are made of different types of wood and use different types of heaters. They also come in a variety of sizes depending on the number of people that plan to use it at the same time. Some of the more sophisticated units have additional amenities including a home video system as well as piped in music.

The purpose of the reviews is to help consumers make the right choice in terms of the infrared sauna kits that will fit their specific needs. A wise thing you should do before buying a unit is to read about different companies and understand the types of features each brand has.

Your budget is yet another important consideration. While you might believe that you are saving some money by buying the cheapest infrared sauna kit, you may also find yourself actually spending more on repairs or replacement because you bought a low quality product.

Worst yet is having to purchase a better unit in a years time.

When picking an infrared sauna kit, choose one that is reasonably priced and that is made of high quality wood such as red cedar.

Red Cedar Infrared Sauna Wood

Red Cedar Infrared Sauna Wood

Cedar is renowned for its good aroma. Alternatively, you can go for poplar, which is excellent for people with allergies.

The Benefits Of Picking The Right Heaters
Infrared heat penetrates deep into the tissues and the warmth it provides is an excellent cure for joint and muscle pain. People suffering from arthritis can use the infrared sauna to feel some pain relief without having to expose the body to extreme heat. Through the process of conversion, the warm light penetrates the muscles and stimulates internal organs to function properly.


The body subsequently sweats as a reaction to increased heat and the toxins along with other carcinogenic elements are expelled from the body through the pores of the skin. The heat from the infrared lamps also stimulates the heart to pump more blood to the cells, this allows oxygen  into the internal organs making them function even better.

You can even lose weight  even in absence of grueling workouts. In just one infrared sauna session, you can easily burn calories equivalent to an hour of jogging

So you should pick heaters that will penetrate into you. Make sure there are many within the unit and they cover all areas of your body. This is usually the difference between a cheap unit and one that is more expensive but much better.

In conclusion, this article has been a discussion about infrared sauna reviews, how to choose a unit, wood types and the best heaters. Try out an infrared sauna today and you will never look back. Just be cautious before you purchase your own.

Also, here is another video from an expert named Glen Porter. You will probably see more of his videos because they are packed with really good information.

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Infrared Saunas Are More Comfortable For General Use

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Sweating is the best way to release harmful toxins and help you stay healthy

Sweating from an infrared sauna

Sweating from an infrared sauna

Men and women have always used traditional saunas that use heated rocks and operate at very high and harsh temperatures. Far infrared saunas heat the body directly and cause a rise in your core temperature, which results in sweat at a cellular level, where the harmful toxins actually reside.

Infrared rays produce a therapeutic heat, which is soothing and helps your body relax and sleep.

Far saunas are the next revolution in the technology of saunas!

FIR heat is far-infrared radiant heat and is akin to ultraviolet radiation, as both are present in the rays of the sun. UV rays do cause damage to the human skin, while FIR rays do not, while they still have all the benefits, which you can get from natural sunlight.

They use infrared heaters that allow light to be converted directly to heat. The heat, which is produced, warms objects that are nearby, but has no effect on air temperature, thus allowing the bather in this sauna to absorb the heat, without having to breathe in hot air that surrounds the person.

This makes them much more comfortable!

Heat penetrates into the bather’s body and reaches tissues. As discussed already, traditional saunas are not capable of this.

This produces warmth deep into the tissues, and is very helpful for people suffering from arthritis, and can also help in the case of joint pain, stiffness and sore muscles. The heater warms up much quicker than a normal sauna and is ready for use in just 10 or 20 minutes, compared to the hour that stones in a Finnish will take. This also reduces the need for energy.

Many people who have respiratory problems, hesitate to enter saunas, because of the heated air, but will not have any problems going into far infrared saunas. Temperatures also can be lower in saunas, something that many bathers are happier with.

They do not use water, so it becomes unnecessary to install any drainage system, moisture barriers or special electrical wiring. This also makes maintenance less of a problem, as water borne bacteria, will have no way to enter.

They also bring in a lot of benefits to users through an improvement in blood circulation, cleaning the sweat glands, skin and its pores, easing chronic pain, relaxing the mind, relief from stress and easing sore muscles. I know we already discussed some of the benefits but I feel it’s important to mention them again.

The use of saunas has always been one that promotes social interaction and brings in a sense of community, when they are installed in places where many people can use them.

The dry air in this advanced technology is preferred by many bathers. The FIR heating, being similar to the sun, can be of help to people with vitamin disorders, too.

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Are There Any Dangers When Using An Far Infrared Sauna?

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Infrared Sauna Dangers? Sure, there are a few.

Like anything else, a little common sense goes a long way.

For example: If you were to go out, get all liquored up, stagger home and decide to jump in your fir sauna to try and sober up… You’re probably going to run into trouble.

If you haven’t drank any water for a few days, and you think it would be a good idea to hop in for a 1 hour session and sweat… You’re probably going to run into some major dehydration problems.

The point is, most of the dangers come from people who have no common sense. I know you, my dear reader, do use good judgement. I know you have common sense.

Do the heaters transmit harmful rays like the sun?

I get asked this question a lot. It’s a great question — it shows you really care about your health and well-being.

The answer is no! What a high quality infrared sauna does is bottle the best of the sun (the part that is healthy and vital to living a long, happy, healthy life), and serves it up to you in a very safe way.

The rays do NOT carry the dangers that we associate with ultraviolet rays or x-rays. The sun is absolutely vital for every living plant, creature and human. Just be sure to invest with a reputable company that offers low EMF level heaters.

Give your doctor a quick call…

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you’re a healthy person there shouldn’t be any problem at all. And, almost always, even if you have a few medical conditions, it will still be perfectly safe for you to enjoy all the benefits this technology will give you.

Dehydration will occur so watch out!

When you begin to detox and flush all the harmful toxins out of your system, you will also be flushing out precious nutrients.

You must replace those nutrients before, during and after. Drink plenty of water. Electrolyte replacement beverages are also a great alternative. Drink at least a ½ cup every 15 minutes and you should be safe. Stay clear from alcohol and soda!

A few more possible dangers

If you have certain medical conditions or take certain medications — consult your doctor. Preferably a doctor that specializes in Sauna therapy.

A few examples of medical conditions may include: Being pregnant. Multiple sclerosis. Pacemakers. Pins, rods and other implants. Diabetes.

Most of the time none of these even will be a problem.

But, above all, I want you to be safe, so consult your doctor. Most likely, he (or she) will just tell you to start slow.

So there you have it. Just use common sense and you should be fine… of course after you consult a doctor.


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