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Sweating is the best way to release harmful toxins and help you stay healthy

Sweating from an infrared sauna

Sweating from an infrared sauna

Men and women have always used traditional saunas that use heated rocks and operate at very high and harsh temperatures. Far infrared saunas heat the body directly and cause a rise in your core temperature, which results in sweat at a cellular level, where the harmful toxins actually reside.

Infrared rays produce a therapeutic heat, which is soothing and helps your body relax and sleep.

Far saunas are the next revolution in the technology of saunas!

FIR heat is far-infrared radiant heat and is akin to ultraviolet radiation, as both are present in the rays of the sun. UV rays do cause damage to the human skin, while FIR rays do not, while they still have all the benefits, which you can get from natural sunlight.

They use infrared heaters that allow light to be converted directly to heat. The heat, which is produced, warms objects that are nearby, but has no effect on air temperature, thus allowing the bather in this sauna to absorb the heat, without having to breathe in hot air that surrounds the person.

This makes them much more comfortable!

Heat penetrates into the bather’s body and reaches tissues. As discussed already, traditional saunas are not capable of this.

This produces warmth deep into the tissues, and is very helpful for people suffering from arthritis, and can also help in the case of joint pain, stiffness and sore muscles. The heater warms up much quicker than a normal sauna and is ready for use in just 10 or 20 minutes, compared to the hour that stones in a Finnish will take. This also reduces the need for energy.

Many people who have respiratory problems, hesitate to enter saunas, because of the heated air, but will not have any problems going into far infrared saunas. Temperatures also can be lower in saunas, something that many bathers are happier with.

They do not use water, so it becomes unnecessary to install any drainage system, moisture barriers or special electrical wiring. This also makes maintenance less of a problem, as water borne bacteria, will have no way to enter.

They also bring in a lot of benefits to users through an improvement in blood circulation, cleaning the sweat glands, skin and its pores, easing chronic pain, relaxing the mind, relief from stress and easing sore muscles. I know we already discussed some of the benefits but I feel it’s important to mention them again.

The use of saunas has always been one that promotes social interaction and brings in a sense of community, when they are installed in places where many people can use them.

The dry air in this advanced technology is preferred by many bathers. The FIR heating, being similar to the sun, can be of help to people with vitamin disorders, too.